Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Go, Denyse!

Denyse of the excellent Grain de Musc blog has added her two cents to the IFRA debate. Please feel free to weigh in; believe it or not, this does affect you. This article is perfectly in step with my viewpoint on what is happening; the binding of an artform to patented materials, banning naturals in order to supplant them with patented synthetics.

For a comparative situation, you will want to look at the Coca-Cola owned and Pepsico owned patents for steviosides... when the stevia plant itself is (probably) a perfectly safe and natural non-nutritive sweetener. Why didn't stevia pass through FDA testing on its own, despite huge amounts of testing worldwide? Because you can simply grow it in your backyard for next to free, and that scares the pants off of people who are selling you carcinogenic molecules for buckets of money. It is an ugly precedent.

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