Friday, April 17, 2009

March of Dimes

If you are planning to donate, you can do so even after the walk. The walk is tomorrow. Scroll down for a clickable widget if you care to sponsor me, or if you just want to donate to the March outright, that's easy to do, too.

I believe everyone should pick their causes themselves. These are some of the reasons I believe in THIS cause:

The research they fund may give us a dearly wanted child.

The research they fund has consoled and informed us during our four miscarriages during the last two years.

The research they fund will probably lengthen my life span; my blood clots too quickly and I am prone to clots and strokes, but wouldn't have known it until I had a nasty event if I hadn't been tested for it during the battery of infertility tests.

They save lives, sanity, emotions, marriages, families.

In other news... a friend of my closest coworker is suffering and I am sad for her.


Bill the Splut said...

I think you left me an email, but I didn't realize it was you till I deleted it...

I hope a post on the walk will come soon!

Ducks said...

Wow, Bill, thank you! I was very touched to check my email this morning and find that you had given a generous donation to March of Dimes. As for the email, it was that auto-generated thing... I am sending you a personal one now.