Friday, March 26, 2010

An afternoon saturated with awesomeness

Out of focus but still kinda cute:

First, this alphabet of awesomeness by Neill Cameron, link stolen from Bill, who is also awesome.

Second, there was a lizard in my computer room. My carpet is less than fastidiously vacuumed, in this room in particular but everywhere right now, and since I knit and spin, there are little knots of fiber everywhere. I dodged stepping on one while racing for the phone, thinking, "that knot looks hella like a lizard!"

It was a teeny lizard. I caught him in a drinking glass (still had to touch him with my phobic, phobic fingers, though). He pooped in the glass and held very still. I took his picture. Then I put him outside near our mini-woodpile where there is shade and bugs. I realized that he looked shocky and listless, and might be thirsty after his Adventures in Shag Carpeting, and I sprinkled droplets of water all around him. He moved only enough to start lapping at the closest one, so I poured water plentifully near him. He ran to the edge and got a good long drinky. I feel good about myself. And he feels better than he would have on a warm, dehydrated afternoon -- particularly squished by my giant feet or slowly shriveling away in unvacuumed carpet.

So, awesome.

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Pathy said...

And to complete your awesome day, allow me to present:

That is all.

You may sleep in peace and purity.