Friday, March 5, 2010

For Pathy: some more jays

I didn't take this picture. But isn't he cute? Gray Jays show up in some of the places we go, but not tooooo close to home.

This fine fellow is, on the other hand, our very own California Scrub Jay. In our backyard. He's a cutie.

And here is one of the adorable Stellar's Jays that amused us last time we camped. Wait, no, time before last. He was at Big Sur and quite enjoyed the yolk from the seven million Easter eggs mom sent us camping with because it was Easter. Someone had to help us eat them.


iNkPhotography said...

"That amused us..."

You have a high pain threshold young lady. Jays were placed on Earth for just one reason, and that is to torment human beings.

Of course, I love them for just this reason. (The Stellar's Jay looks like he slurps motor oil on the side, but then again... he also looks like he'd eat your eyeballs and ask for more.)

Maybe I'm reading into his expression.

Dunno. ;)

Ducks said...

Hee hee! I love your characterization of the Stellar's Jay. You are absolutely right... the only birds we've ever had amazing results with when we "pished" (kiss the back of your hand -- it makes a sound like a warbler distress call, and draws the cautious attention of most birds -- and the ravenous stare of jays). We had a Stellar's Jay come right up and ask us where the vulnerable, delicious little bird might be. They eat eggs and nestlings and are generally horrific serial killers to other birds, but all they ever did to us was make so much noise pre-dawn that we didn't get a full night of sleep. :) (And that's saying something -- as the heavy drinking Spring Break crowd had kept us up very late.)