Monday, March 15, 2010


That is all. :) Cross your fingers.


iNkPhotography said...

Oh my, oh my.

Made my day this did.

Pathy said...

So... I'm not exactly sure how this works. What exactly did you do to make it say this strange word?



(Don't listen to Yoda above. She's all baby crazy.)

Go go go.

Ducks said...

Thank you, sweeties. We're excited. This time we have actually been given the go-ahead to take heparin (which isn't as awful as feared, in my 2 whole experiences with it.) Still taking baby aspirin. That reduces my fear of my own blood -- we Berryhill clan have freakish clotting and healing abilities that are evidently not so great if you're an embryo. And I'm taking progesterone (which reduces my fear of any shortages causing problems). So it's all up to the tiny creature now to get healthy -- it has the healthiest environment I can give it.

PMS_CC said...

I'm also playing guitar and aiming the amp at the womb. Nothing works quite like an overdriven distorted version of "Maggie May" to make a baby want to develop and come out here and kick my ass.