Monday, March 29, 2010


Can you believe this shit? (We've been talking about it for days, but link is once again lifted from Bill.)

In related news, relatives are staying in town and I am exhausted. I don't want to have to entertain, as I would prefer to take good care of myself -- healthy food, exercise, and the sleep I need -- instead. (As opposed to "as much as possible, on top of entertaining." Which isn't helped at all by snarky fam-isms like "you are barely pregnant -- you're gonna feel an awful lot sicker when it really gets started." Excuse me? Morning sickness happens EARLY.) And I am tired of wearing my bra, since I put on 2 cup sizes in 2 weeks. My hastily-ordered replacements haven't arrived and I am really getting tired of wearing my tight ones for hours and hours a day because I am amongst people who make comments about my body.

I am tired of putting up with: hatespeech; insane beliefs about the apocalypse being, like, tomorrow; denigrating my church; interrupting any comment I make that I saw a cool animal with stories about killing said animal; racist and other patently insane remarks; busybodyism (which wouldn't be so annoying except for...); knowitallism (with a healthy dose of THEY REALLY DON'T); and general inability to be courteous enough to inform people your plans. Grr.

Enough bitching from me, already.

Scrubbles is singing and bathing outside, I have honey fig muffins in the oven, and the new life in me has already begun development of every vital organ, and is starting on eyelids and tongue. Wow! Have you ever really thought about how fast babies develop in utero? It's fast -- crazy fast. My little spark of life is already starting to resemble a human; only a very few short weeks ago, it was only two cells who hadn't met.

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iNkPhotography said...

Amazing, amazing and it takes over from so early (I noticed migraine headaches stopped and vision improved before I knew of the life growing.) Exhaustion set in early and continued, but there were daily moments of luxurious, too tired to move bliss.

Honey fig muffins sound lovely. I believe I might be able to smell them baking.

Daily I wonder and hope and am so happy for you both...