Thursday, March 18, 2010

My turn! Linkage!

Pathy pointed to me in his blog with a delightful review, so I feel the need to point back. One of these days soon, I will even update the links in the sidebar...

iNk (worksafe!)
I've been a bit, um, preoccupied, so I haven't sent you to Pathogen's blog yet -- I've been greedily keeping it to myself. Look, it's new enough you can catch up if you start now, prolific enough that you'll want to start now, and always has thrilling images and buoyant prose to give you moments of energized tranquility ... and afterimages of cussed creativity. Do you need mental rocket skates? Go.

The Roommate Chronicles (mostly worksafe, and never an image to offend)
Cindy was my best buddy in grade school, and I am thrilled to be back in touch. After a split with her long-term partner (don't worry -- the new girlfriend is adorable), she made the necessary mistake of taking in roommates. The snippets of dialogue and ranting that she posts on The Roommate Chronicles blog make me pee myself laughing. If you need a belly laugh... well. Go.

Thoughtviper (mostly worksafe -- but if it's not, it's sure to be in all-caps, because Bill is a man of passion)
Bill kept me sane during the 2nd Bush campaign and win, when I was trapped in Peru and gnawing my nails raw to the knuckles. He is a cat-loving liberal and I love him with all my heart for it. He's also very funny and talented. For acerbic wit, shithouse-rat-crazily infuriated critique of the far right and its ancillary artists, and a loving perspective on the world... go.

Oblio's Cap (almost always worksafe)
Robert is a consummate intellectual, internet blue-dog, and a joy to know. You will only ever see the tip of the iceberg -- his poetry, rife with allegory and experimental form, has deep undercurrents of intellectual struggle, mathematics, and computer science. He's also an amazing guy. Sometimes he doesn't update frequently, when he checks out for a vacation in "meatspace," vowing never to come back. Thankfully, so far, he has always returned. Go.

The Warren Ellis Dot Com (hardly ever worksafe)
Warren Ellis is a serious comic book artist and an author, and for some reason, I think that if he ever stopped cranking the (steampunk) handle, the Internet would stop working. I hesitate to give you this link because you will never think I'm sophisticated and cool again -- I do a lot of farming his site for links. This is an unhealthy addiction that I impart to you gleefully. Go. But not at work. (And if you click anything labeled "Conan! What is best in life?", don't say I didn't warn ya.)

Well Fed, Flat Broke (always worksafe)
Emily, aside from being just adorable, comes up with some of the most jaw-droppingly delicious recipes ... all within the grasp of the casual (and usually broke) home cook. Her blog is funny and sweet. For goodness' sake, go.

Now to the less personal stuff that makes me happy.

Cracked (not so worksafe. Enjoy from home.)
This is where two of my favorite humorists ended up, as editors (Seanbaby and David Wong). It's also the humor magazine that I collected (in paper format) as a young, freckled, red-haired rat-child. There are usually three articles a day, at least two of which are 1) funny and 2) at least in a trivial-pursuit way, educational. Go, learn something you can quote later, and then mumble "sompin I read" shamefacedly when someone asks you, "how'd you know that?"

Regretsy (sometimes not worksafe, and prides itself on "whimsicle fuckery")
Call me mean, but there's something excruciatingly funny about handicrafts gone wrong (or people reselling junk that by no means can be labeled "handicrafted." Etsy needed a watchdog, and I needed the laugh. Goodness gracious. My inner bully says you need this kind of schadenfreude in your life. So, go giggle.

Cakewrecks (almost always worksafe, sometimes not, so not really... and you will guffaw)
Again, call me mean-spirited... but when well-meaning "wreckerators" screw up cake decoration, it's just about the funniest thing since lolcats. You know you want to go look. It's a hoot.

Not Always Right (safe except for language)
Short stories, by retail employees, about how their customers have exhibited some of humanity's most baffling stupidities, crazinesses, and downright weirdnesses. Go, laugh. Funny and usually believable.

Go Fug Yourself (I'm pretty sure it's worksafe... at least all the photos in it were taken in public, but they may have body parts a-showin'. The site usually labels those.)
Do you always go for the People magazine at the doctor's office so that you can laugh at the famous people dressed badly? I do. So do the wonderfully funny ladies who run this site. Plus, sometimes there are haiku contests involving photos of bad fashion. And when you do go, click the Lady Gaga link in the sidebar and enjoy. Yowza.

The Escapist: Zero Punctuation (not worksafe and you need sound)
Yahtzee's reviews are gaspingly funny, and he doesn't need no stinkin' punctuation... or, evidently, to breathe. I love his stunningly stylish, simple animations, particularly when they get absurd. Do you like video games? Go.

Okay, okay. I'll stop for now. But do have fun with these. Pathy started it, and you should go see his WONDERFUL list because, well, he's got some there I would include too... and because you'll love him.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Linda! Though I am taking "Always safe for work" as a challenge. Be warned ... I have way too much time on my hands ... and I just figured out how to set the timer on my camera ;)

Ducks said...

Woohoo! I haven't thrown down a challenge in a while... :) I seriously love your blog -- it provides one of those little happiness oases in my day, and gets me into the kitchen more often.

And I am TOTALLY going to make your delicious pudding cake with key limes for my dad & stepmom when they visit soon. Pudding cake because it's so wow. Key limes for my brother, who is kindly hosting.

PMS_CC said...

I have had that very pudding cake (well, not with key limes, I think). It is the Bomb!