Monday, March 1, 2010

Beauty! Springtime!

Scrubbles came and begged pointedly for suet whilst I was starting our lunch (boeuf bourginonne, oh yes), and I went and put some outside. He immediately came over to eat, loudly enching for his friend to join. When his friend arrived, both of them indulged in an orgy of croaks and creaks -- which are friendly sounds for blue jays.

(He fears me...)

(But will accept my offerings. Yum.)

While I had the sliding glass door open, I figured I would take a couple pictures of the goldfinches in the apricot tree, which is flowering beautifully. Yellow birds, pink flowers. Gorgeous. I got a couple of them, although they were shy of the camera beeps, and entirely missed the VERY yellow fellow except through the kitchen window screen.

Prettiest. Ever.

Blurriest. Ever. But also beautiful.

What I have failed UTTERLY to photograph are our two albino goldfinches, of whose presence I was totally unaware until today. Here's what they look like, images stolen from the web.

The partial albino looks a lot like this:

The seriously melanin-deprived "whitefinch" looks more like a white finch with a yellow blush and red eyes. I had a link, but I eated it. :)

Anyway, thought I'd share.


Pathy said...

First of all... shame on you for having flowering trees. There's still snow here. Bad you. Bad.

Secondly, what kind of freakish blue jays do you have out there in da hills?

This is how a blue jay is supposed to look doncha know:

Ducks said...

Good eye -- ours are California Scrub Jays. Yes, really. That's why his name is Scrubbles. And pretty much all of our jays are called Scrubbles interchangeably, even though we can tell some individuals apart...

We also have Stellar's Jays -- not right here, but everywhere we go camping. They are bee-yootiful.